It is known already the number of problems that had Apple for its decision not to include Google Maps in iOS 6, such was their mistake that Tim Cook himself had to go in person to apologize to Apple users and recommended that while they developed better its Apple Maps users had other applications with which to replace this shortcoming.

From Google said it was a decision purely and exclusively from Apple, and they could not convince their counterparts to continue or cancel the contract linking the two industry giants smart.

In the latest news we have from Google, they said they had not even begun to develop a new map application for iOS. However, it seems that Google is becoming concerned in improving the web version of its maps. Today we learned that the web version of Google Maps for iOS6 provides access to Street View. The operation is not as fluid as Google Maps on iOS5, but will do while Apple improves their maps or Google decides to make an application for iOS6.

Esteban Cejas

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