One of the big things that make Android BIG is the whole community of developers who has behind him. If it were by manufacturers, our androids throughout their lives would be updated once or twice, in the best of cases. I say the best, and given the high end of each manufacturer. If you have a terminal midrange or lower middle may never get to see a new version of Android on it.

Where the manufacturer does not give us updates, often we go to cooks ROMS to do it ourselves risking the security of our terminals. These developers, beyond what they can do for their means, need some documentation to port the latest versions of Android.

In the case of Samsung, it seemed they had turned his back to the developers. The developers, on countless occasions had demanded the the source code of the terminals with Exynos processor. This is the case of some, who worked with Jelly Bean rom Cyanogen mod for the Galaxy SIII, and have abandoned the project for lack of source code for their processors.

It seems that Samsung has finally answered their prayers with two response from the Twitter account @Samsungexynos. In the first of the Tweets say: “We hear your concerns about documentation & source code for Exynos-based devices. We’re discussing it with our team and will update you soon”. In the second Tweet say: “We’re taking your feedback about full document. very seriously and are working to resolve the situation. We really do value your opinions!”.

It seems that at least Samsung has listened to the developer community. The last tweet gives us hope they really go to “resolve the situation” and publish the source code for their processors Exynos, so we can be updated for a longer time thanks to the great community of developers that support Android.

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Vía: TalkAndroid

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