Today in AndroidADN I bring you WiFi Key Recovery, an interesting application that allows us to recover the keys of WiFi networks that we have previously connected from our Android.

Beyond that most of us have devices with data plans, WiFi is still something very precious to any user of gadgets.

When we connect to any WiFi network that requires a password, it is stored in the phone memory, but can not access it to see it again. However, there are times we need to know the password and for this there is WiFi Key Recovery.

WiFi Key Recovery is a useful application that helps to recover passwords for WiFi networks to which we have connected. Furthermore, with this app you can click on an entry to copy, export the list to the SD card, or share it with the standard Android functions to share.

What WiFi Key Recovery does is to query the device memory to provide the information we have stored.

To use this application you need to have connected to the network in the past as I mentioned above and to be root.

It should be noted that this application does not hack the keys, but only retrieves the keys that we have previously accessed.

WiFi Key Recovery is a free application that can be downloaded from Google Play.

Download WiFi Key Recovery (Google Play)

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