When we started recording videos on our Youtube channel of AndroidADN noticed right away that the quality of the videos of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was good but not enough. So we started to investigate a way to improve and we found ICS Camera, the Android 4.0 native application, but were not satisfied.

But today we found an excellent option called HX-Camera mod for Samsung Galaxy S3. This is an application developed by hyperX for ROOT users that allows you to increase the video recording specification from 19 Megabits per second to 24 Mbps in fine mode to an impressive 30Mbps in superfine mode.

This improvement works when the device is recording in HD at 1080p and even if the quality video is 720p is, raising from 10Mbps to 15Mbps in fine mode and 19Mbps in superfine mode.

hyperX has also worked on improving the audio quality by raising to 192 Kbps and according to comments is developing an option to increase to 60 frames per second.

Moreover HX-Camera mod lets you use the camera when the battery is below 15 percent, it prevents a recording interruption when the Samsung Galaxy S3 is below that percentage.

It also lets you take a picture with the volume up / down controls, while you´re on a phone call.

Do not follow this tutorial!! it will breake your camera. We will updating soon.

How to Install HX Camera MOD

1. The first thing you have to do is get root access on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

2. Next you must install ClockworkMod.

So we’ve created this tutorial which will solve the first two steps in one go: Root & CWM Galaxy S3

3. Download the application HX Camera MOD from here

4. Upload the file. Zip to the root of the SD memory of the Samsung Galaxy S3

5. Launch the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Recovery Mode

6. Now you must select Install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from external sdcard -> and select the file Camera_HX-MOD_1.52_CWM.zip. Then select Go Back and Rebot System Now.

7. Ready! you should have the improved camera on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

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