It is known that the Android customization is one of the features that distinguish this OS. And the keyboard is probably one of the more functional aspects of personalization, as this should be as efficient as possible according to our needs.

Right now we are creating an article where we will see the best keyboards for Android, and to avoid getting into the debate about which is the best, we simply say that it depends on how everyone prefers to write and the needs of the moment.

And here is where we find the magic of Android, since in this operating system is possible to have as many keyboards as we want, and change rapidly according to our needs. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you what are the methods to change our Android keyboard.

How to Change the Keyboard in Android

First of all you should keep in mind that this tutorial is only meaningful if you have more than one keyboard installed on your device. If you still have only one, be sure to check the post for the best keyboards for Android. (link tomorrow)

There are two methods to change the keyboard in Android:

Change the keyboard in Settings

1. The first and more complicated implies going to Settings> Input method and languages.

2. Here you will see the keyboards you have installed and the keyboard that is enabled by default. To change it you have to to click on default and select a keyboard from the list.

3. Clicking the checkbox that is on the left, you can enable or disable the keyboard. When disabling these are no longer available to select in the method that we will tell you below.

Can also access the settings of each of the keypads clicking on the small wheel located on the right side.

Change the keyboard from the notification bar:

1. The second method and simpler implies sliding the notification bar down when we are writing a message.

2. By doing so you will see an option that unfolds on notifications that says Select input method.

3. It is important to that the keyboard is seen on the screen, as otherwise, we won´t get the option to change the keyboard.

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