Mozilla has released a preliminary version of its integrated store Firefox for Android “Firefox Marketplace“. This option is available in the development version of Firefox Aurora for Android. This includes a series of what Mozilla calls “showcase applications” that users can install and test. Mozilla is hoping to fill this store of launches in other versions of the Firefox browser OS and for 2013.

The developers say that the current version of Firefox store is still in its “early days” and are working on adding payment options, ratings and reviews and other features.

The applications within the Firefox Marketplace application store are written in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, and are designed to run in all editions of Firefox.

To install the Aurora branch of Firefox for Android, users will need to allow the installation of third party applications on your phone. Once you run Aurora, the store is accessible by going to the options menu and enter Tools / applications.

The version of Firefox Aurora is installed along with the regular and stable Firefox version of Android as a standalone application.

Download Firefox Aurora

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