Mozilla has released a new update for its famous browser. Firefox 16 is now available for download from Google Play loaded with innovations and improvements.

As just mentioned, this new version of Firefox incorporates several new features and bug fixes.

The first big news seen in Firefox 16 is the new Reading Mode that leads to a more comfortable and easy reading. Now the content is adapted to a new format and provides the ability to change the font size, margins, and change the background color. To access the new Reading Mode just click on the book icon next to the URL. Right there you can save articles to read later or you can also do this by going to Menu -> Reading List.

Also new in Firefox 16 is the sharing tabs with any device, whether mobile or computer through Firefox Sync option.

In addition, this new version has improved security because the application does not allow us to open URLs containing malicious code that can do a wipe to the phone (USSD).

Finally, in Firefox 16 has been enhanced JavaScript and corrected several errors and bugs.

Firefoz 16 already can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Download Firefox 16 (Google Play)

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