Want to protect your WiFi from any threats from your Android? Today I bring you ezNetScan, a great application that lets you know if someone is “hanging” from your WiFi network.

The WiFi is one of the most precious things for any user of a smartphone or tablet, making raids on neighboring networks often very common. In AndroidADN we have seen that there are several applications for it and we ourselves can be the victims of an assault of this type. However, today I bring ezNetScan, an excellent application to prevent these attacks, control WiFi and maintain our connection safe from any threat.

ezNetScan came to Google Play last week and the first reports do nothing but rave about. This is a very useful tool to manage our network because it scans the wireless network and displays the list of all connected devices, allowing us to discover if we have a neighbor “hanging” on our network.

It also has several options to easily customize the netlist as the deviceĀ“s specific icon, name of the label on the device, an additional note / comment on any device, etc..

A great advantage of ezNetScan it is extremely easy to use. When you open the application, it will do a quick scan of our network, showing all the devices connected to it and some data of them such as the name, IP address, manufacturers, among others. Also, you can perform different actions to devices “hanging” like sending ping, Wake on LAN, and several others.

ezNetScan can be downloaded from Google Play for free and requires Android 2.1 or higher. Here also I leave the APK.

Download ezNetScan (APK)

Download ezNetScan (Google Play)

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