Surely you know the games Riptide GP and Shine Runner. Well Vector Unit, its creators, have dared to take their first free game, Beach Buggy Blitz. Besides being a free game has unlimited playability. If we donĀ“t pay, we will not have a great need to do to enjoy it. Of course, as usually happens with the free games, if you pay we can get improvements.

Beach Buggy Blitz is a game that involves driving a vehicle on a tropical island and collect coins. The game has a very colorful and eye-catching graphics, while the game itself may be enough to remind us of Mario Kart.

During a game we have to go traveling the greatest distance from the island before the clock runs out, while we collect coins. Every certain space will be a checkpoint which will add time to the scoreboard. With the coins collected we can later change them for vehicles, characters and objects.

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Vector Unit

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