Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has released an open letter apologizing to users for Apple Maps Bugs and suggesting them to use alternative applications like Google Maps.

Since the launch of its new iOS Maps application in June, Apple has received numerous criticisms because of the huge amount of bugs and glitches presented by the app.

Tim Cook, CEO of the firm, has just published an open letter in which he admits that the new application “fell short” considering the high standards of the company, and promised that they are “doing everything possible” to improve it.

Surprisingly, Cook also dedicates a significant portion of his letter suggesting alternative third-party applications that customers can use “while Apple Maps improves”. Among the applications that the manager suggests are Bing, Mapquest, and Waze as well as web applications from Nokia and Google.

Currently Apple Maps suggests alternative applications for transit directions that are missing, but that’s different to the firm suggesting complete replacements for their new service.

Cook also noted in his letter that Apple is “very sorry for the frustration caused to their customers and are doing everything possible to improve Maps”, and said that the 100 million users of iOS 6 that feature the new application will help to improve the service.

The fact that the CEO of a company as important as Apple suggests users to use third-party applications as an alternative to its own service is something that is not seen too often but I think that is a good thing because it shows sincerity on the part of the company, who thus admitted their mistakes quickly.

Will have to see how long it takes for Apple to improve its application but I think the letter was a good gesture from Cook.

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Esteban Cejas

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