Since we got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 we have been playing with this device to test functional and aesthetic improvements.

This is precisely one of the biggest advantages of Android, where the possibilities for customization are endless with the Launchers.

These are kind of GUI (grapichal enviroment) managers who are responsible for managing the windows, screens, icons, and switching between applications.

The default Launcher Samsung Galaxy S3 is the user interface called TouchWiz Nature. However, when installing an alternative launcher, pressing the button ‘Home’ you will see a list from which to select the one you want to use.

Best Launchers for Samsung Galaxy S3

1.TSF Shell

TSF Shell is one of the most famous paid launchers for Android which stands out for the large number of 3D effects that its user interface offers.

Unlike what we usually see in other launchers, rather than the application drawer, in the first desktop you will find all your apps and four desktops to customize, along with 3D interactive widgets and amazing transition effects.

Furthermore, TSF is the first launcher to allow multiple operations such as self-corrections, multiple options, add folders and multiple deletions, and all with the swipe of a finger.

It also lets you create multiple shortcuts for applications fast, drag to any page anywhere you want and turn the application shortcuts at a certain angle to get more screen space. Even can overlap widgets and applications to save space.

Most of the approaches to the functions and operations of the launcher come from the sidebar, but the sidebar column can also be customized.

In fact the only negative aspect of this launcher is its price as it is available in Google PLAY for 16.80 dollars.

Google Play: TSF Shell

APK: TSF Shell

More info: TSF Shell

2.GO Launcher EX

GO Launcher Ex is one of the most used Android launchers and provides a wide array of topics with which you can easily download and install to personalize your Samsung Galaxy S3.

This launcher offers a lot of options, but it is quite intuitive to use. Among other things, gives you the ability to install a lot of themes, with which you can customize the appearance of your S3 to your liking.

You can also define folders that allow you to customize and organize the applications and shortcuts in an easy way to use, transition animations, ability to change the size of icons, and many things.

One of the main advantages of GO Launcher EX is the large number of widgets that can even be used in other launchers.

Google PLAY: GO Launcher EX

APK: GO Launcher EX

More info: GO Launcher EX

3.Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher is a great launcher for Android that features the popular bottom dock on the main desktop from which you can add up to 7 icons, with a maximum of three pages, which in total gives you the ability to add up to 21 icons only in the bottom of the screen.

Nova Launcher also provides a customizable application drawer transparency, displacement style and continuous horizontal or vertical configuration. Furthermore, the effects of displacement on the home screen and in the app drawer allows doing things in style with transitions into a cube, stack of cards and several others.

Another feature is the ability to perform backup thanks to the backup / restore option with which you can save the settings in a flash before formatting the device.

Google PLAY: Nova Launcher Prime

APK: Nova Launcher Prime

More info: Nova Launcher

4.Apex Launcher Pro

Apex Launcher provides a home screen a dock of applications and actions at the bottom where you can find quick access to some applications. Here you can place up to 7 icons with a maximum of 5 pages, ie, which in total gives you the ability to include up to 35 icons in the Dock for quick access to all your common applications.

Apex Launcher holds up to 9 home screens, in wich you can set transition effects that can be seen when you slide between them.

On the other hand, allows you to hide items such as persistent search bar, the search bar, and even hides the dock if you want to use. Also make their appearance different styles and backgrounds folders and several styles of drawer and effects. You can also hide apps from the dock of applications here if you want privacy.

In addition, this launcher shares several gestures in the home screen and backup and restore options with Nova and other classic features of other launchers.

Google PLAY: Apex Launcher Pro

APK: Apex Launcher Pro

More info: Apex Launcher

5.Regina Launcher

Regina 3D Launcher is an excellent 3D launcher for Android that includes a number of widgets and themes. This gives you the ability to create folders to organize your desktop and features a 3D workspace with different wallpapers for each workspace.

In addition, this famous launcher has a hidden work desktop with which you can maintain access to certain apps hidden from prying eyes.

Google PLAY: Regina Launcher

APK: Regina Launcher

More info: Regina Launcher

PLUS: Laucher PRO

LauncherPro is a simple launcher for Android which has a dock at the bottom from which you can upload your frequently used applications without taking up screen space. This allows you to customize it with shortcuts to applications and actions that you can generate using gestures.

With this launcher you can collect up to 7 home screens and two different boxes of applications, a 3D and another 2D (+ other movable). Has also been added an effect of fly in the drawer so when you open it, the applications come flying at you.

The paid version of Launcher Pro also includes widgets that can be added to the home screen for things like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, contacts, etc..

Google PLAY: Laucher PRO

This is not enough for you? test some other launchers: Top 10: Best Android Launchers

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