One of the biggest headaches for developers is certainly the portability of their applications, and although there are a few options to minimize the code to write on different platforms all have their drawbacks. In the end although costly and laborious, if we want good results, a smooth app and high quality is best programmed in the native language of each platform.

A good example can be seen in the Facebook app, which is withdrawing its HTML5 version to rewrite it in Java for Android. To facilitate portability to iOS, Google has released j2objC, an open-source utility that will allow us to generate source code in Objective-C for iOS from Java. So far have already appeared similar alternatives but without much success, but in this case, if we count that Google is behind the project we can expect better results.

J2objC is designed to convert the code that is not related to the interface of the application, ie only useful for portability core applications. If you’re a developer methodical and organized surely will divide into bookshops your projects, and if until now you have not done so I recommend think about it seriously since it has great benefits, and one of them, for example, is to be able to take full advantage of tools like this.

No details are known, but Google says it is already using this tool for some of their profits. If this works as expected will be interesting news for both developers and users, as this will reduce the cost and production time applications. The only shadow I see in (not all benefits) is that you need to work on a computer with Mac OS X to use this code converter.

Learn more of J2objC at : proyecto

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