A classic of classics has come to Android. Prince of Persia Classic is now available for download from Google Play so you can enjoy this great game from your smartphone!

In Prince of Persia Classic we take the role of the Principie of Persia in his epic quest to save the life of the princess. Furthermore, we can play the same levels as in the original version but with better graphics.

To rescue the princess you must go past levels, which is full of devilish traps that require your cunning to be completed taking into account that on the way you’ll meet prison guards armed with swords that will hinder your task.

Prince of Persia has several game modes: Normal mode, where you have to learn different tricks and find the quickest route without time limits; Attack, where you have to go through the levels and rescue the princess in less than 60 minutes, and Survival, where you have to rescue the princess in less than 60 minutes without losing a life.

Prince of Persia Classic can be downloaded from Google Play at a price of 2.39 euros and requires Android 2.2 or higher.

Prince of Persia Classic Google Play

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