Google Books has just received an update to version 2.6.3, which incorporates a lot of new features and enhancements such as the ability to translate words or phrases, underline or mark them, look them up in the dictionary and much more!

In this update Google Books has added the functionality of dictionary along with functionality for sites that lets you select a location that appears in the book to display on the map and give us additional information about it. A very original idea that can be extremely useful.

With version 2.6.3, Google Books has also included integration with Google Translate, which allows us to select a word or phrase to translate it to the language you want. While generally translations of Google Translator are not the best especially when it comes to phrases or expressions, at least serves to give us a better idea of the words we do not understand.

Another great new feature of Google Books is the ability to highlight words or phrases and take notes on the book.

To access these new features we must only hold for a few seconds the word or phrase you want to search the dictionary, translate, highlight or add a note, and in the action bar will show the options.

In addition, this new version also added the sepia theme, day and night and the page turning effect.

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