For Android there are various applications to evaluate the performance of your device, and often, if you’re a regular to change the ROM, the first thing you usually do is check the capabilities through a benchmark. Some of the most used are the Quadrant or AnTuTu. Basically undergo the device various tests that require effort and evaluate the run time and response.

Among the tests done there is usually access speed, reading and writing to disk, the speed of database access, the resolution of calculations by the processor and the speed of the GPU rendering in 2D and 3D processes.

On XDA developers we can find 3DC B, a new performance test, which tests the GPU of your smartphone or tablet, but more interesting is that this same application can apply it to a Windows PC so we can compare the features of a computer desktop, a laptop and a mobile device either Android or Windows. As we read in the same forum of the app, will soon be available also for OS x.

Some of the capabilities that assessed are:

  • Water Dynamic representation
  • Effect of sunlight
  • Correction of the color curves
  • Real-time shadows
  • SSAO effect
  • Bloom effect
  • Lens Flare

Throughout the test, the camera pans over a high mountain scenery pretty detailed which really puts your graphics card to the limit. This is only a beta version, and only will result in the average frames per second. Is built on Unity 3D so it probably will support other platforms and can be a reliable comparison test.

You may keep abreast of the app and download it in xda-developers

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