Marvel has started its journey on mobile platforms launching its first game for Android and iOS. It is available for a price of $6.99 the first four chapters of Avengers Initiative. On it we can incarnate Hulk in a RPG game fighting supervillains.

The game will consist of four deliveries for which we will pay only the cost of the first. Presumably, in each of the episodes will rule a different superhero, starting with Hulk and passing by Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.

In this RPG we will gain experience to improve the skills and equipment of the hero while we fight the enemies along the plot. And if you have an account in Marvel XP we can earn rewards and unlock exclusive content with Marvel Avengers RPG, newly released title for facebook.

Marvel Avengers Initiative can be downloaded from Google Play but unfortunately it is not compatible with most devices. However in the description shows the list of upcoming upgrades to extend support.

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