Often do not you consider how important is to have antitheft applications in your Android until you find the problem. Normally you will have your beloved smartphone hands well controlled while you spend your time enjoying its many possibilities, but in a moment of carelessness someone may steal it or you lose it. In some cases we have invested enough money in our terminals in which also have enough private information.

For that you can find on Google Play some applications to minimize or solve the issues that may cause a loss or theft. Many of the applications antitheft that you can find subject to charges, but today we will focus on free alternatives.

AVIRA Free Android Security

This application is a complete set of tools that enables you to block the access to the data of our Android and locate it for retrieval in case of loss or theft. In case of loss or theft can enter https://android.avira.com and from there manage the multiple applications of this application.

The application has the following possibilities:

  • Keeps contents safe by blocking calls and sms with a remote locking system.
  • It has a blacklist to block calls and messages. This is not related to loss or theft, but also grateful.
  • Remote lock the terminal. In case of loss or theft can block from the mobile website and even leave a message if found.
  • Even if your Android is silent, you can order to issue sound if you do not find it. This can be used even if can not find it in your house.
  • You can locate the phone via the Avira website, and it will show your location with a map from Google Maps.
  • The person who locates your phone blocked can call to an alternate number you have configured with the push of a button on the screen.
  • You can control the security of your terminal, your information and battery left from anywhere.
  • You can individually configure up to 5 different phones on the same account of Avira. This option is ideal for families.

Download: Google Play

Seek My Android

This application is very similar to the previous one, and can also be downloaded it for free from Google Play. In this case, for remote access the page you have to enter is http://www.seekmyandroid.com.

Let us review the main possibilities:

  • Locate your terminal.
  • Monitors the calls.
  • You can record telephone conversations and send them by e-mail.
  • Show the location of your Android on a map.
  • Will sound an alarm, even with a custom message. This will work with the phone in silence.
  • You can lock your phone with a code.
  • You can make a memory of your remote data terminal, to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Disable the ability to uninstall the application.
  • Does not drain your battery.
  • Works without a SIM card or using other cards.

Download Google Play

Android Lost Free

This is a free application to locate your Android in case of theft or loss. Although it may seem redundant some of its features, the three are not entirely the same. So you can choose which is best for you or appears fuller. In the case of Android Lost Free also will have other web access to manage the application remotely. The site of this application is http://www.androidlost.com.

Now let’s see the features of this application:

  • Read sms sent and received from your smartphone.
  • You can make a memory of your phone data via the web or by sms.
  • You can lock and unlock your phone via the web or by sending a sms.
  • You also have the possibility to erase your SD card via the web or by sms; very interesting because there can be committed including photos and videos.
  • Locate GPS or via the mobile network.
  • To issue an alarm while the screen emits light through the web or a sms.
  • Send sms from the website.
  • Make the phone emits a popup message.
  • Diverting calls.
  • remote installation.
  • Check the condition of the phone, battery, imei and other terminal data.
  • Enable and disable the wifi and GPS.
  • Hide the application.
  • Notify by e-mail when changing the SIM card.
  • Get the call list.
  • Take a picture with the front or rear camera.
  • Make your mobile dictate a message that you write.
  • Restore settings on startup.
  • Record sound into the microphone of your Android.
  • Start or disable the data connection and / or WiFi via SMS.
  • Does not spend a lot of battery.

Download Google Play

Android Lost Free, seems at first the most complete of the three that we have shown. I encourage you to try and decide which is the best can help you protect your Android. Many times we miss these applications until they are really needed and it’s too late. Do not let that happen to you.

What application do you use to protect your Android? Which of these is your favorite? Give us your opinion and other proposals.

Esteban Cejas

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