No doubt that Microsoft has been for many years, and remains a leader in software and services for PCs and intenet. Times change, and to extend the use of smartphones and tablets, many speak of the post-pc. This is why Microsoft, although arrived late to change their mobile operating system, is adapting to the new times.

Despite the fact that Microsoft has its own operating system for smartphones, they can not leave behind the large number of users of iOS and Android. This is why yesterday came to Google Play SkyDrive for Android.

Skydrive is a storage service in the cloud a la Dropbox, SugarSync and Google drive. As is the case with Google Drive, the biggest advantage it has is that you need to use only one email from Microsoft. Who does not have an MSN, Hotmail or Outlook now? Another big advantage is that unlike the free 5GB which often give this kind of service, SkyDrive offers 7GB.

The application is styled aesthetically loaded with squares Metro-style, used in its Windows Phone. With it we can upload photos and videos from our Android devices, so you can access and download it from any computer, smarphone or tablet anywhere.

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Microsoft Corporation

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