pulWifi just received an update to its 2.0.2. version This along with router keygen is one of the best applications to crack WiFi keys from Android devices.

Since version 2.0 the app includes a revamped user interface where raw simplicity. This has only two tabs: one showing the available networks automatically and another where you have to enter the network name and MAC Address to decrypt the password.

PulWifi works with both WEP and WAP networks and to detect the password you just have to click on the appropriate network.

Bear in mind that the app does not do magic, but works with the default passwords on routers to find passwords. Thus, is only compatible with other networks such as WLAN_XXXX, JAZZEL_XXXX, WLANXXXXXX, YACOMXXXXXX and WIFIXXXXXX and some routers such as D-Link and Huawei.

Download PulWifi 2.0.2 (APK)

If you canĀ“t get the network key with this app, here in AndroidADN we have prepared a list of the BEST ANDROID APPLICATIONS FOR WIFI KEY DECODING.

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