In Monster Life, you will train and collect monsters on a ranch that should go conditioning for them and you should keep them happy and entertained. Your goal is to confront and eliminate the chaos and for this will need to have your team of monsters shaped so they can face the enemy in battle. Gameloft seems to be going strong with mobile gaming.

There are 20 different monsters and each has its own characteristics and preferences, learn to know them and know what is right for everyone and what is the best training to take advantage of them. In this game that mixes a Pokemon universe reminiscent of the time dedicate to educate and train and to build and expand the farm to make room for new buildings and monsters with their respective habitats, but also follow a storyline that will take us to explore the different islands that make up this world.

Using social networks you will be able to make friends, see their farms and share gifts, Monster Life provides access to the network of ranches through facebook, email account or the community of Gameloft.

Monster Life is a game with great 3D graphics with a touch of cartoon and good finishes. It plays smoothly, but not a game for users who intend to do quick games, because, as in the farming game, as we move forward and have more monsters in our care will be necessary to devote more time. In any case, the game is free and secure that the lovers of this genre will enjoy it, as they have all the details carefully.

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