Khronos has released the specifications for a new version of OpenGL for mobile devices. Soon we can start to enjoy OpenGL ES 3.0.
OpenGL has become a standard as a specification for developing applications that produce 2D or 3D graphics, that is, is especially used in game development.

There are currently two main branches, the specification for desktop systems that are in OpenGL version 4.3 and the specification for embedded systems and mobile devices that until now had its OpenGL ES version 2.0 available from Android 2.2, but from now if the Android team implements the specification, perhaps it won´t takes us to see a new version of Android with support for OpenGL ES 3.0.

This new specification promises better performance and consequently lower battery consumption. On the other hand is compatible with the above specification, so applications ready for 2.0 will not require adjustments. It also ensures that the scheduling of applications on this new version will be easily portable to the latest version for desktop applications. OpenGL ES 3.0 includes features of OpenGL 3.3 and 4.2 and support ETC2/EAC textures.

¿Will this push the Android team to a new version of Android Jelly Bean?

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