Now that Google Drive’s Official is turn to make a comparison with the main services of cloud storage such as Dropbox, icloud from Apple and Microsoft´s SkyDrive.

No doubt the competition in the market for these services have increased significantly in recent times, and now with the release of Drive, I think we will see major developments from the main services if they are to stand.


Dropbox is one of the cloud storage services best known for its ease of use and functionality. Also it is a multi-platform service that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac in its desktop version and Blackberry, Android and iPhone OS in its mobile version

It offers 2 GB of free storage space and although it focuses on sync and share files also has support for revision history, so that files deleted from the Dropbox folder can be recovered from any device sync.

Dropbox works like a folder over your operating system, so it will be very easy to use. In addition, it has a feature that lets you know the history of a file so you can work on without danger of losing to previous versions

This service uses delta encoding technology and to conserve bandwidth when changing a file only the modified parts are loaded.


SkyDrive is the storage service in the cloud from Microsoft, and you’ve probably already used it on your Hotmail account. Although this exceeds Dropbox with 25 GB of free storage, it lacks functionality.

Besides the additional cost per GB is cheaper than Dropbox, which have 100GB for $ 199, while would be of SkyDrive only $ 50 a year.

Microsoft´s has recently released a major update and now there are desktop applications for Windows and OS X in its desktop version and IOS and Windows Phone on their mobile version.

In my view, the most interesting of this service is Office Web Apps, which allows users to upload, create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents directly from your web browser. Includes versions of Microsoft´s Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, and provides functionality for users to edit documents collaboratively, something really useful in these times.


This is Apple´s cloud storage service and allows you to, if a member of Apple, back up the IOS devices. This way you can sync your photos and documents.

icloud offers a free storage space of 5GB to 50 GB expandable at a cost of $ 100. But as all that is Apple, Apple only; it is only functional for users who own devices in the company.

The content purchased from Apple iTunes store for free without interfering with the 5 GB and all applications, movies and music files purchased through iTunes are downloaded automatically to any registered device either iPhones or PCs. When a user registers a new device, the entire contents of iTunes can be downloaded automatically.

icloud device requires IOS 5 or later, or Mac running OS X Lion to create a new account, synchronization with PC requires Windows Vista or later, icloud Control Panel and optionally, Outlook 2007 or later to synchronize calendar, contacts and reminders.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the storage service in in the cloud by Google and has just been officially announced. It offers 5 GB of free storage for any type of file and will integrate with Google Docs and Google +.

Drive will have applications for PC, Mac and Android to be available from today and soon there will be an application for IOS. If Apple allows …

Among its functions include OCR capabilities to search for text in images and image recognition technology for easy searching through your photos.

Google Drive also lets you open more than 30 types of documents directly from a Web browser, including HD video, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop (even without the right software installed on your computer).

The cost of additional space is 20 GB for $ 4 a month and can be purchased up to 16 TB per user.

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