If a few hours ago we discussed the closure of google blog, now we come with news of the portal for developers, and is that not only have improved and reorganized if not they are making it easier for developers with new tools. Device Art Generator is a new simple but very useful utility that allows us to generate images of the screenshots of our applications contained in an equipment to choose from Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Motorola XOOM.

It’s really easy to use and the result is a good finish. We just need to follow two steps: Select the device you want us by dragging an image from your computer and rotate the result if necessary. We can apply if you want shade and shine and will only save the generated image. Bare in mind that the image you upload must have the dimensions specified in the resolution of the device chosen and the only supported format is PNG. The only drawback I see is that if you’re going to put these images on the web are somewhat heavy, and if we converted to jpeg we lose transparency.

As I said, a simple but useful tool, because at least in my case no more than three weeks ago I found myself cutting, pasting and adjusting one of my screenshots on a HTC device. You may think that neither it takes so long to make our assembly, but is thereby a matter of seconds, so it will take longer to get to the website to generate an image. In addition, Google also takes the opportunity to promote some of its devices indirectly through developers.

You can see and test the Device Art Generator on the web for Android develpers

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