At the same platform where we have seen start crowdfunding Ouya, appears this other project, although more modest, it is interesting if not curious. In the U.S., a brother and sister has studied how to incorporate smartphones and tablets that allow interchangeable lenses to provide greater capabilities to our photographic equipment, regardless of the model of the smartphone. And the solution has been raised as a clamp or clip that have baptized with the name MobiLens.

This seems an ingenious system and economical, and although clearly not going to get the results of a camera, this device could serve many of those who do not want to carry it or want to save a gadget, but We would like to have more possibilities and best results. Only one of these clips will get to take pictures in wide angle or macro, just unscrew the lens to move from one mode to another, but we could also take pictures with the famous effect “fish eye” with a specific clip .

If you are interested and would like to see running this project, you can collaborate with their financing in kikstarter crowdfunding where they hope to raise $ 34,000 before the September 15, in exchange you could take macro or wide angle lens colors or effective fisheye also in different colors with prices ranging from $ 30 to $ 150 if we want an exclusive package.

You can find the project on Kickstarter

Source | xataka

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