All users of Android or IOS smarpthones know that the process that drains your battery to a greater extent is also one of the most important, the WiFi. Often the most effective solution is to turn off or turn on according to our needs, but is somewhat troublesome go changing settings each time we turn on our device.

That’s why today comes from XDA “Better WiFi On / Off”, a good application developed by the user Chamonix with which we will automate the process by which pledge or turn off the WiFi in our device, saving a good amount of battery and the hassle of doing it manually.

Among the main functions that we find the following:

Wifi is turned on when

  • The display on / unlocked
  • When you connect the device to the charger

Wifi Stays on when

  • A connection can be established within a specified period (if not off again)

Wifi turns off when

  • The screen goes down
  • The phone is disconnected from the charger

Better WiFi On / Off is a more than useful app and currently is in beta, so it is possible to find fault but users have expressed their joy with it without major problems to report. Developers aim when it reaches its final version, to launch it to Google Play in a free version with advertising embedded and other pro without any attachments.

For those who want to try it on your devices you may download from the link below, and in the developers site there are no specifications on the requirements of the OS. Any questions or comments may do so in the section below.

Download Better WiFi On/Off

Source | foro XDA Developers

Version en Español

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