When looking for news on any topic of interest we seek the way we most like to understand them (at least I do), and that is why was born the way of representing everything that interests us organized into channels, as does Flipboard. But if you want to only find news about the world of video games, Appy Gamer is for you.

It is a very specific application, which compared to Flipboard, just looking to do with video games, being able to organize channels about what most concerns us on this issue, as the latest games for Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo, etc., as taste. Through this graph we can see feed items that interest us, with the ability to read them offline later, if you like.

We will be able to define our reaction about the news or the matter concerned, and this will help you with other users understand that their views on the news. You can also share the article through social networks, including Google +. Appy Gamer gives you the option to read the article from the original site, but in my opinion, this app interface for reading is really comfortable.

By default, Appy Gamer comes with a few channels that you can later edit, remove or add, according to the news that best suit you. As for the display looks nice and the app runs very well with some transient effects. It is certainly a convenient way to keep abreast of a topic from your Android, in this case of video games.

App Name
News Republic

Version en Español

Esteban Cejas

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