Several years ago, two of the most popular films of all time joined in Alien vs Predator, a meeting between the two most  fearsom alien races that Hollywood has ever conceived.

The film plunged to the earth in the midst of an epic battle, where there would be no choice but to take sides, to clear, save the world. Apparently our smartphones are also not exempt, as the Angry Mob guys, be responsible to reincarnate the battle in our devices a version of the game Alien vs Predator for Android and IOS.

Alien Vs Predator for Android

Alien Vs Predator will be a third-person action-adventure loaded game. This will be based on Unity3D game engine so we can expect plenty of visual effects and good graphics.

As should be, Alien Vs Predator will be full of blood with a few hints of eventual death in the style of Mortal Kombat. This will not have to complicated combinations of buttons, but you can access these special hits playing a context-sensitive button above your enemy to make the move.

The game will feature a virtual joystick and two action buttons with which you have to go through a total of 21 levels, where your goal will be to hunt down your prey, and is a Predator or Alien.

As you progress through the game you can unlock some new skills, as well as predator camouflage, switch to night vision and sneak up on an enemy without them noticing

Alien Vs Predator will came to Android and IOS during the month of November 2012, although still unknown price.

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