Today in AndroidAdn we´ll see a brief guide tutorial on how to install applications or games on your phone through different methods: either through the SD card directly from the websites of mirrors or through Dropbox.

How to install APK´s on my phone?

Before starting make sure your phone has enabled the “3rd party apps.” To check this go to: Settings> Applications> Unknown Sources. These “unknown sources” are simply applications that come from another source other than the Android Market.

When you install an APK on your phone you have two options: put the. APK on the SD card or download and install it directly from your mobile.

Installing APK through the SD card

1. Download the APK file. and put it somewhere on your PC where you can find it easily.
2. Connect your phone to your computer via the USB connector.
3. Make sure the phone’s connection settings are correct. To check this, go to the Settings menu, then find the connect to PC, go to the standard connection and finally search for the Mass Storage Unit.
NOTE: HTC Sense users may have to wait up to a minute until the mass storage device is visible on the computer
4. Drag the .APK file you have stored on your computer to the phone’s SD card. Again, put it somewhere where you can find it later. We recommend creating a new folder on the SD card called, for example, “Applications”.
5. Safely disconnect the phone.
6. Open a file browser such as Winzip, FileBro or File Manager (you can find any of these file browsers in the Android Market).
7. Search the APK file that you put on your SD card, click on it and then press Install.
8. Read permissions and install the application.

Installing APK over the phone

Or download the application directly to your phone. However, several websites have trouble mirrors phones so here we see a much simpler alternative and effective.

Installing APK directly through mirror sites

1. Download a. APK from a mirror site.
2. Read permissions and install the application

Another alternative would be to make it through Dropbox

Installing APK with Dropbox

1. Get Dropbox (is a free online storage you can use on your PC and phone). Go to, get an account and install the program on your computer.
2. Also download the application to your phone through the Market ( Then will be configured with the newly created account.
3. Now you have a special folder in Dropbox on your computer in which everything in it will also be synchronized with your phone.
4. Then just download some APK and put in the Dropbox folder. Then open it in your phone through the application.
5. Read permissions and install the application.

As you will see the methods are very simple. You can use any of them equally according to your preference, they all work.

I hope it served!

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