WiFiLeaks is a great application for Android that will allow us to access the keys to any WiFi network that is within our grasp and is protected with WPA.

Decipher Wifi keys with Wi-Fi Leaks

Wifi Leaks is a project that seeks to share internet for people. The app provides its own networks on the map for those around so they can use them for free.

WifiLeaks is an application similar to Router Keygen or Penetrate Pro which allows us to decipher the keys of any WiFi router that is within our reach, and protected with WPA.

Once you downloaded the. Apk you just have to install it and run like any other application. Then, you get a list of available WiFi networks with its MAC address and those who are protected with WPA, will provide an encrypted key that you must copy. After you copy the password, go to connect to a WiFi network as you normally would and select “Paste”. Then you click accept and go!

We recommend using this application with other similar ones since they generally do not have the same dictionary. In addition, some are better for WEP keys, while others such as WiFi Leaks are suitable for WPA keys.

NOTE: Wif Leaks isn´t magic, but offers us the encrypted default keys in a series of routers. This means that if the user has modified the initial password, it is likely that this application will not work.

You can find more applications of this type HERE.

Here´s a spanish video tutorial for you to have a look:

Descargar WiFi LeaksDownload WiFi Leaks

WifiLeaks is a free app wich is not available in the Market. However, here´s the APK for download:
Download WiFi Leaks (APK)
Download WiFi Leaks (APK)

More information: Wifi Leaks

If you can not get the key to network with this aplicaion in AndroidAdn we have prepared a list of the best applications for WiFi decoding here.

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