PowerAMP just received an update that brings the application to version 2.0.6-build-505 and incorporates a number of improvements and new features more than interesting.

This is one of the most popular music players on Android, with more than 10 million downloads and a set of features that far exceed the default player.

In addition to playing almost the entire range of existing sound files, this app offers you an amazing ease of operation, because once you indicate your Music folder, it organizes all your folders and songs, creating images for each album automatically and giving you multiple options for playback.

It also has a 10-band equalizerin which you can define default or custom EQ, with or without options including crossfade and bass and treble adjustment.

Now, after four months of waiting with no news, PowerAMP received an update in which includes support for the ICS and Honeycomb action bars and compatibility with some devices like the HTC One X.

App Name
Max MP

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