My Brute has come to Android! The famous fighting game has finally landed on Google Play and is now available to download for free.

For those who have not heard of it, I will comment briefly what is this. My Brute is a combat game that allows you to challenge fighters from around the world to prove who is the best.

When you start the game you have to create your brute to start fighting other characters. From challenge to challenge you will gain experience, getting new skills and gaining new abilities and weapons that will make you stronger.

Brute allows you to:

  • Create and customize up to 8 brutes.
  • Invite other players to become students of yours.
  • Open your own dojo and become a teacher worthy of the name.
  • Up to 5 opponents face each day.
  • Discover and master over 70 weapons and skills.
  • Unlock up to 6 battle arenas.
  • Discuss with gamers worldwide via Papaya.
  • Would challenge your friends in Facebook Connect.

The Brute can be downloaded for free from Google Play and requires Android 2.2 or higher.

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