WhatsApp is the first option that comes to mind when thinking about instant messaging applications, but it never hurts to have some alternatives on hand, if the application fails or we can´t install it, as it happens with tablets.

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the official facebook application for messaging. This is available for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, and lets you communicate with all your social network contacts, automatically synchronizes with Facebook messaging service on computers.


GroupMe is is an application that at the time was bought by Skype and therefore belongs to Microsoft. This is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp and is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

GroupMe was the first messaging application to incorporate the group messages, forcing even WhatsApp to upgrade its version, however, not only adheres to group chats but can launch queries to the contacts (questions), send direct messages between users .

Among its options, it allows you to create clusters around specific entertainment products and the advantage we can say that you can stay connected with your contacts through its web version.


This is the application of the new Samsung messaging service and is available for Android, iPhone OS, Blackberry and Bada OS. Like WhatsApp , it allows you to send videos, photos, locations, and even calendar events and contacts.

However, it also offers some other innovations that are intended to give an extra not found in other messaging applications, such as the ability to create a profile that other users can access, and a section where you can meet three more contacts you have spoken during the week.


Spotbros was presented this year as the great alternative to WhatsApp, due to the particular functions it incorporates. Like other instant messaging applications, Spotbros allows you to send messages to any user anywhere in the world, which adds the ability to display on your calendar only the contacts that had added you on their mobile.

Among the features, Spotbros allows you to “Shouts” a kind of question that is sent only to people who use the service and who are near that area, with a maximum radius of a mile. This way you can make a Shout, for example, to find out about a restaurant or to try to find out what happened somewhere.

It also includes the “Spot”, a kind of public chat group located at a site where you can discuss and comment on that area to have the occasional reference to what you seek.

At the moment is only available for Android, but the iPhone version will be out soon. Its creators emphasize that the messages are encrypted and are web microsites, so it can be linked.

eBuddy XMS

eBuddy XMS is an instant messaging application available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. This offers similar features to those that have WhatsApp, as the recognition of contacts on your device that already have the application. Furthermore, this adds the ability to sync with Facebook to integrate our picture of the social network profile.


Viber is a VoIP-calls oriented an application , but also has the ability to send text messages, and is for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

 TU Me

TU Me is the instant messaging service from Telefonica. This is available for Apple’s IOS but soon will also be for Android.

The service is really complete, and like WhatsApp , it allows you to send text messages to other users with the application and photos, also adds the ability to send voice messages, locations and phone calls!

Thus, TU Me integrates the main features of WhatsApp and Skype in one application, saving you the need to switch screens or applications to communicate with your friends.

TU Me, also lets you store all your conversations in the cloud, allowing you to retrieve the talks if you lose your device.


Nimbuuz is a service of calls via VoIP, instant messaging and geopresence. This provides support for Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, Google Talk, AIM, MySpace, Hyves and ICQ, and is free for all available platforms.


LiveProfile is a multiplatform application available for Android, iPhone OS and BlackBerry. This allows you to send text messages and multimedia content, plus gives you acknowledge reading and informs you about your receptor´s availability.

LiveProfile is available for free but requires the use of the identifier of the person to add to our list of contacts.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp which is available for IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry. As LiveProfile it requires an identifier to get connected with our contacts.

That’s it! We expect you to tell us which is the best WhatsApp alternative for you in the comments section.

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