Although the best option here is the official Android store Application, known as Google Play, to access it is necessary that your device has a certification from Google. This is true for most of the Androids on the market, but there are some devices that do not have this certification, so that installing apps from the official store is not possible. Fortunately there are good alternatives!

Android Pit

Generally we do not start the best alternative, but we want to save time. And is that Android Pit is pratically the best alternative to Google Play, which is confirmed as this comes preinstalled on most devices that are not certified by Google.

Pit Android not only lets you search and install applications, but offers additional features such as recommendations, application analysis their own and a very active community.

However, the most interesting thing of this store, are the messages of available updates, which are generated after performing a sync from the App Center. The trouble is, perhaps, the large amount of notifications that reach us from the blog and newsletter mails after we have to suscribe in order to install the store.


Although it has many options as AndroidPIT, this alternative app store does not send you so many annoying notifications. However, it has a lot of applications, but still missing some very important as Angry Birds.

SlideMe has an application for the device you can install by downloading the apk via a link or a QR code found on their website. After that, you can access the update notifications that are displayed in the notification bar.

Other of the more interesting features of this store is its storage service for applications in the cloud called StorageLocker, with which you can reinstall all applications.


GetJar is one of the first application stores and unlike other stores, only offers free apps and for direct download. Neither has a notification system for updates and to download the APK is necessary to access the mobile web insterface.

The store has an app for the device, although this is only a viewer for the web site. To download it you have to try to download any application´s apk from the mobile version of the website.

Amazon AppStore

Amazon AppStore is Amazon app store, one of the biggest online stores worldwide. In this you can find thousands of applications for Android, but to buy or download you MUST have an United States. credit card

Among the most interesting stuff from Amazon, are the daily offers of payment applications that are made available for users to download them for free.

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