Nowdays is normal to get, along with you telehpone plan, a data package to browse the web through the 3g or EDGE connections, but these tend to be limited to a certain amount of GB and also at a slow speed. Because of this, WiFi networs are so desired and needed when we download large files or when our data plans go empty.
Thus, today we bring to AndroidAdn a collection of the best applications to decipher WiFi keys in our Android mobiles for free in cases when we´re in a hurry or where we had no data plan.



Router Keygen is a tool that allows you to calculate passwords for routers and so decrypt WiFi keys encrypted with WEP / WPA. For this reason, this app has a dictionary of keys and a choice of Native calculation that can do the job.

1. Thomson based routers (this includes Thomson, SpeedTouch, Orange, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, BigPond, O2Wireless, Otenet, Cyta , TN_private)
2. DLink (only some models)
3. Pirelli Discus
4. Eircom
5. Verizon FiOS (only some routers supported)
6. Alice AGPF
7. FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey
8. Huawei (some Infinitum)
9. Wlan_XXXX or Jazztel_XXXX
10. Wlan_XX (only some are supported)
11. Ono (P1XXXXXX0000X)
12. WlanXXXXXX, YacomXXXXXX and WifiXXXXXX
13. Sky V1 routers
14. v1 and v2
15. InfostradaWifi

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WLAN Audit is an app that lets you search nearby WiFi routers and check their safety. This way you can make a diagnosis and relieve the most important information such as MAC address, its encryption capabilities, strength, intensity and frequency of signal, etc..

However, the most interesting feature of WLAN Audit, is its ability to calculate the default password encryption used by the public data issued by the router as it´s name, MAC address, etc).



WEP HHG5XX scanner for Android is an application similar to Router Keygen that allows you to perform penetration tests to audit wireless networks and check the default passwords access points on HG5XX Huawei. This generates the default keys of all access points found using the Huawei mac2wepkey algorithm.

Download WEP HHG5XX


WifiPass is an excellent tool that allows you to retrieve your WiFi keys that are under JAZZTEL_XXXX and WLAN_XXXX routers.

Download WIFIPASS (Market)

Download WIFIPASS (Apk)


PulWifi allows you to detect the default passwords for wireless networks in several models of routers

  • Some D-Link routers
  • Some Huawei routers


Penetrate Pro is an excellent androidapplication that calculates WEP / WPA for some WiFi routers and 3G routers based on Thomson.

  1. Thomson, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, Orange, SpeedTouch, BigPond, O2Wireless, Otenet
  2. Pirelli Discus
  3. Eircom
  4. DLink
  5. Verizon FiOS (sólo algunos routers)
  6. Fastweb (Pirelli & Telsey)
  7. Jazztel_XXXX y WLAN_XXXX
  8. Tecom
  9. Infostrada
  10. SkyV1


Routerpwn is an application designed for penetration testing and security testing of wireless networks. This is a compilation to run local and remote web exploits.

Download ROUTERPWN (Market)


Wpa Decrypter is an application that allows you to test the safety of Wi-Fi networks in Fastwebnetwork of Telsey router. In these cases you can figure out the default password of the router with a single click, and thus check the security of the network.

Download WPA DECRYPTER (Market)

Download WPA DECRYPTER (Apk)


Wpa Tester Defectum  is another tool that allows you to test your Wi-Fi! to try and find the WEP or WPA deafult key  on the router and thus see the degree of vulnerability with which is compatible routers: Alice Fastweb Vodafone Italy (BETA) Vodafone Portugal Bbox BigPond Disco BTHomeHub Dlink (Zon) Eircom DMAX Huawei JAZZTEL INFINITUM Infostrada Meo O2Wireless OTEnet Ono Orange Sky Frog privat Tecom Thomson SpeedTouch WiFi WLAN Verizon Yacom Tele2 TeleTu

Download Wpa Tester Defectum (Market)

Download Wpa Tester Defectum (Apk)


Wifi Leaks is an applicattion similar to Router Keygen that allows to decipher any WiFi router that is within our reach protected with the WPA protocole.

After downloading the. Apk just have to install and run it like any other application. Then, you get a list of available WiFi networks with its MAC address and where they are protected with WPA, will provide an encrypted key that you must copy. After you copy the password, go to connect to a WiFi network as you normally would and select “Paste”. Then you click accept and go!

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